Bari, the gateway between East and West

Finally, spring knocks on the windows and the desire to spend a weekend out of town starts to make itself heard. If you are looking for a cheap and charming destination and you also want to pamper yourself with great food and a mild climate, then Bari is the right city for you.

Chiesa di San Nicola

Chiesa di San Nicola

Always a crossroads between East and West, the origins of Bari are very old and the signs of its past are very evident in the Old City, a maze of alleys where the symbol of the city is located, the church of San Nicola di Bari in Apulian Romanesque style which houses the relics of the saint. A few steps away is the beautiful Cathedral of San Sabino in Romanesque style and the icon of the city, the Swabian-Norman castle. The medieval fortress built by Roger II the Norman faces the Adriatic, has Roman foundations but owes its present appearance to Frederick II of Swabia who had it rebuilt after it was destroyed in 1156. The moat is still visible, the Gipsoteca and exhibitions are periodically organized. In the evening it is very suggestive the tour of the Underground Bari that starts from the dungeons of the Castello Svevo and runs through the Old Bari. It really seems to take a dip in the Roman and Byzantine era.

The port of Bari has always played a strategic role in the Mediterranean and the city has long been an important trade bridge with the east and the countries of the Mediterranean area. It hosts the Fiera del Levante for 80 years, the most important in the Mediterranean, located on the extension of the Lungomare, a modern area with Art Nouveau and Umbertino style buildings that represents the commercial heart of the city. Bari is a culturally vital city, with many theaters including the famous Petruzzelli. Wherever you can taste the flavors of Apulian cuisine, eat well in trattorias, restaurants and on the street. Do not miss the orecchiette, focaccia, tielle and fish dishes. Bari is a welcoming city that envelops and impresses with its culture, beauty and moderate prices.