Greek colonies in Puglia

Combining the sea and culture is a growing need on holiday and Puglia, as well as the white beaches, also offers several very important Greek archaeological sites.


Sites such as Metaponto and Policoro. It starts with a visit to the rich Saturo Archaeological Park, a town 12 km from Taranto, which preserves the remains of a sanctuary, the town and some Greek villas. In the National Archaeological Museum of Taranto, instead, you can admire pottery, gold objects and statues.The journey to discover the colonies of Magna Graecia can not fail to pass through Metaponto, a city founded in the eighth century BC. from the Achaeans. The visit to the Archaeological Park is divided into the sacred part, with the ruins of the temples of Hera, Athena, Aphrodite and Apollo, and in the urban area, with the remains of houses and theater. The Archaeological Museum preserves the numerous artefacts found in the surrounding area and the “Tavole Palatine”, the remains of the sanctuary of Hera, in Doric style. A short distance away, another interesting city is the Greek colony of Heraclea, today’s Policoro, with its interesting Archaeological Park. The temple of Demeter and the urban layout of the city are still visible. Inside the site is hosted the Siritide museum, full of precious testimonies of the time. The tour continues for a little ‘relaxation in the ‘Maldives’ of Salento.

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