Valle D’Aosta

Villages and castles in the Alps of the Valle d’Aosta

The journey to discover the region begins in the capital, Aosta, which offers the visitor the amphitheater, the Roman theater and the city walls with towers. The Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption and the church of Santa Croce are also interesting. From Aosta you can make an excursion to the National Park of Gran Paradiso and depending on the season you can do avariety of activities in a spectacular landscape. You leave Aosta to land in Quart, wonderful medieval village with a castle very interesting, archaeological sites and nature reserves. The town is nestled in the woods and valleys with pastures where you can taste the cheese, the famous local cheese. You leave Quart to go even higher, in Saint Barthelemy, a charming town with villages, pastures and peaks of over 3000 meters. At Saint Barthelemy there is a very interesting Astronomical Observatory. The next stop is Fénis that preserves one of the many castles in the region. Continue to Saint Vincent, a town famous for its worldly and Casino but also for the rock carvings that were formed thanks to the work of nature. The next destination is Machaby resort that is located in the homonymous valley at about 700 meters high. Here you can visit the Sanctuary surrounded by chestnut woods. The tour ends in Aosta or you can customize the trip by making trips to Courmayeur, to stay in the huts of mountain resorts or ski on the highest peaks of Europe.

Basic program (6 days – 5 nights)
The day: Aosta
II day: Aosta – Grand Paradise National Park – Aosta
III day: Aosta – Quart
IV Day: Quart – Saint Barthelemy – Fénis
V Day: Fénis – Saint Vincent – Machaby
VI Day: Machaby – Aosta – end of the tour or ability to customize the itinerary.