Rio verdeABRUZZO
The Abruzzo between churches, nature reserves and waterfalls

The route starts from Giulianova in Abruzzo, seaside resort and town of art that counts  different churches in the high town. From the sea, you enter the region by visiting Atri, an ancient town with the splendid Basilica of St. Mary of the Assumption, the Cathedral with the Holy door, and nearby, the Palace of the Dukes Acquaviva. The next destination is the Maiella National Park located between the provinces of L’Aquila, Pescara and Chieti, habitat for many animal species such as the wolf, the bear, otter and a very rich flora in which predominate the soldanella and cornflower. Inside there are botanical gardens, museums, ski resorts and hermitages. A fascinating place that meets the needs of every tourist. You leave the park for the nature reserve of Green waterfalls or the Rio Verde, the highest in Italy, WWF Oasis, a true spectacle of nature. A few miles away from the falls there is the Natural Reserve of Rosello, where there are forests of fir trees, a rarity, and animals such as deer and roe. There is the ability to customize the trip according to the needs of each customer.

Basic program (7 days – 6 nights)
The Day: Giulianova
II Day: Giulianova
III Day: Giulianova – Atri
IV Day: Atri – Maiella National Park
V Day: Majella National Park
VI Day: Maiella National Park –  Green waterfalls – Reserve Rosello
Seventh day: Reserve Rosello – end of the tour – possibility to personalize the journey