About us

Italian Grand Tour is a ‘cultural association that aims to promote and enhance the italian cultural, artistic and natural heritage by proposing itineraries divided by historical periods, it’s a sort of time travel, where tourists can choose which era they want to go back by opting for one of the many historical routes Greeks, Etruscans, Romans, or in the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque and in the Neoclassical period. In geografic tours section you can find other interesting travel solutions related to the beauty of the Italian nature, fairs, festivals , wine tasting tours, artistic and sporting events. At the same time Italian Grand Tour takes care of your children and we know that for many families the cultural journey becomes difficult to achieve. We want to help families by offering cultural trips for adults and kids, for kids by mixing cultural offer to the game. Parents and grandparents will be happy to enjoy our cultural beauty, and glad to have the children, followed by a dedicated educator, engaged in educational activities, but also have a lot of fun. Our trips have thus the dual mission of making love the Italian artistic heritage for adults and children, by ensuring the children also the time to play and by giving to the adults also their moment of relax and loneliness, with theatrical and musical performances in the most beautiful places in Italy . Your children will remember the beauty of the trip with parents, grandparents and uncles, but it will also be a cultural experience that will enriche them forever. Italian Grand Tour pays great attention to the needs of the customer who can customize itineraries, choose the dates, duration and every comfort of his stay in the ‘personalized itineraries’. Italian Grand Tour makes the discovery of Italy a dream, an unforgettable experience for kids and adults. Italian Grand Tour takes you to the discovery of art, nature, history and Made in Italy, another strong hallmark of the country, the pride that the whole world admires and imitates. Travelers only need to choose the preferred route and Italian Grand Tour will take care of their kids and will bring everybody back in time.


Chiara Piscitelli was born at home with his grandmother midwife on September 24, 1977. She attended high school Pietro Giannone of Caserta where she met Valentina Rainone and later she graduated in Modern Literature art history at the University ‘Federico II’ in Naples. At the time of the University she takes part at Erasmus program staying in Paris and consolidating the love of art, culture and travel. She is a journalist since 2001, she earned a master’s degree in ‘Telereporter’ and a Master ‘web content management’. Chiara loves sports, reading and playing games puzzles. The love of art and travel is always with her since with her sister and parents, military father and teacher mother, she began to run far and wide across Europe and in many other places. Chiara has a husband who loves to travel as well and with him she continues to explore the world.


Rainone Valentina was born in Caserta, December 16, 1977, Mom and Dad doctors, a large family, 4 children. When she was a child, she began to love the travels thanks to her parents, who brought the whole family from the North Cape to the borders of Syria, on the Nemrut Dagi, by camper.
Valentina met Chiara Piscitelli from high school Pietro Giannone in Caserta and she continues graduating in Economics at the LUISS Guido Carli University in Rome, earning the state exam as Auditor and Chartered Accountant, and she got an Executive MBA from the business school MIP. Valentina started working at PricewaterhouseCoopers before specializing, after few years, in the fashion industry . She worked for Fendi and she currently works in Nike. Valentina lives with her husband and two children, Francesco and Adriano, in Rome, she love sports and traveling.